Get inside the minds of World Champions Ryan Dungey & Roger De Coster.

Their class Secrets to Motocross & Supercross Success includes 15+ Modules covering:

    • Safety
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Starts
    • Braking & Cornering
    • Mud, Ruts, & Sand
    • Whoops
    • Arm Pump
    • Breathing
    • Factory Teams
    • Dealing with Media
    • And more ...

Each module is in an easy to use format where you can watch the video, or listen to the mp3 audio file. You get the entire transcription of the video in PDF form, and a PDF covering the major takeaways that Ryan & Roger want you to remember. You can download all the videos, the PDFs and audio files and keep them forever.

This information is priceless & only available here for $25.

    • Bonus - extra free class included - The 9 Habits of World Champions!

This is not a 'how-to'. It's about learning the proper mindset of champions. In riding, racing, and life!


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